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Rosacea: More than just redness

End the stigma and feel the change with Kleresca®

Rosacea Awareness Month is an opportune time to spread awareness, education, and treatment options. We believe in continuing to educate society about the facts around rosacea for a few reasons. Of course, we want more people to actively seek help if they experience rosacea symptoms. But we also want those without rosacea to know about this skin condition in order to eliminate judgement and unsolicited, and potentially hurtful, comments. 

First, let’s start with some basics about rosacea. 

Subtypes, as classified by the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee

Subtype 1: flushing, persistent redness, vascular lines 
Subtype 2: Persistent redness, swelling, bumps and pimples, burning sensation 
Subtype 3: Thickening and enlargement of skin, normally in the nose area 
Subtype 4: Eye irritation, burning sensation and red eyelids 

Primary symptoms

  • Flushing
  • Persistent redness
  • Pimples
  • Visible blood vessels
Secondary symptoms
  • Burning and stinging sensations
  • Elevated red patches on the skin
  • Dry appearance
  • Swollen areas
  • Ocular manifestations (most common in Subtype IV)
  • Skin thickening or enlargement (most common in Subtype III)
Rosacea triggers
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Wind
  • Sun exposure
Check here for a more complete list of triggers.

After reading this, you’re probably thinking “I know a few people dealing with something similar to this…” And we would agree that you probably do! This condition is actually quite common, and the lack of recognition only leads to lack of understanding. Dr José Mª Ricart, from the Ricart Medical Institute of Valencia, has told us that "cases of patients with rosacea have increased by 20% compared to previous years". If rosacea cases continue to rise, so should the education about this condition.  

This Rosacea Awareness Month let’s change the dialogue. Speak up if you hear someone spreading misinformation. If you think you’ve got rosacea, let your specialist know all your symptoms and not just the physical ones. Tell them if your mental or emotional health is suffering because the more we all speak up, the more people will feel comfortable in the doctor’s office and in their own skin. 

At Kleresca®, we are proud to offer a solution that is non-invasive, suitable for highly sensitive skin, and helps combat the primary symptoms of rosacea, including redness, pimples and burning and stinging sensations. Help end the stigma and feel the change with Kleresca®

At Kleresca®, our aim is to help people feel good about their skin. That means we educate, empower and ultimately offer solutions to help with acne, rosacea, and skin ageing. We plan to change the game of dermatology through innovate treatments using fluorescent light energy. Learn more via our social media channels below! 



Embracing the Journey to Clearer Skin

Your skin is unique. So is your journey to clearer skin. Sometimes you need something extra to help control those days you experience annoying flare-ups.
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